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Canine Good Citizen and loyal companion on long walks, Dusty is my furry friend and chief assistant.  His love and assistance are invaluable, adding much joy to the process.

Meet the Green in Green Aromatics
Patrice Green, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist & Reiki Master

My maternal grandmother was an herbalist.  My earliest memories of her include gardening, drinking herbal teas and creating fabulous meals.   I grew up with parents who are avid gardeners and have a keen interest in nutrition and alternative medicine.  Their open-minded approach to health and wellbeing helped form my interest in holistic methods of healing from an early age.  
My interest in gardening and herbs quickly led me to essential oils and aromatherapy.  After many years of self study and creating blends for personal use, I was fortunate enough to study with Linda Patterson through the Boston School of Herbal Studies.  That's when my relationship with essential oils deepened and I started creating blends with more focused intent for myself as well as for others. 
I believe that holistic treatments used in conjunction with traditional Western medicine offer the individual the best of both worlds. As the French Jesuit and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."  My belief is that to be completely whole and healthy both physical and spiritual needs must be addressed. I find the holistic practices I offer are powerful tools to help maintain balance in our fast-paced world. I have a profound respect for the healing power of plants in all their forms.  I incorporate energy medicine and reiki into my practice and invite you to take one of my classes, call me for a consultation or use some of our products. 

                                                Wishing you joy!


                                           &   Dusty

Welcoming our newest addition .... introducing Chuckles!
Chuckles lives up to his name by constantly making us laugh with his antics.  He and Dusty are fast friends and keep us laughing while we work.